Friday, May 29, 2009

Teacher of the Year!!!

Congratulations Mom! She was named "Teacher of the Year" at La Sanita Elementary School. I wonder what took them so long to recognize her superior skills. She does amazing things with her first graders. Not only does she sing to them from her guitar, she also lets them read using a microphone, she does super cool science experiments about germs, she has unforgettable RIF programs and the list goes on and on. Congratulations again Mom, we are all proud of you. P.S. Make sure Dad takes you out to celebrate :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

For Mother's Day this year, the 10 of us made a special tribute book for mom. Seven of the ten kids were able to make it up to Kingman to give it to her.
Mom had no idea what was going on even after she opened the custom card. The card had a picture of 10 kids all labeled with each of our names. The card was signed by all 10 of us. When she was done with the card, she asked who the present was from. We reminded her that it was from the same 10 kids that signed the card. :)
She pealed off the gold wrapping paper and found the elegant red box with a picture of her and dad in the center.

She pulled the special book from the box and read the title page "A Tribute to Valerie Robles from her 10 Kids." This is when the tears started to fall.

Nervously and full of emotion, she browsed through the pages of the books reading the thoughtful words of gratitude written by each of her children. All of us just stood there and watched in silence. It was quite a moment! Thankfully, Sarah said she wanted to read the whole thing out loud. We all gathered around Sarah, including mom, and read it together. It was fun to see what pictures each of us included and what funny stories or memories were shared. We are a pretty lucky group of 10 kids to have such a remarkable mother.

Thanks mom! You are the BEST! All of our success is attributed to having such a wonderful mother.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

David is Back!

David has officially made it back from Reno, Nevada. All is well! When he went to the cancer treatment center there three years ago, he recieved ozone treatment/therapy, which was pretty painful but it killed off the cancer. This time while we he was in Reno, his blood didn't show signs of the cancer but his immune system was low. So instead of staying there a month for cancer treatment, he only had to stay two weeks and have an IV therapy to boost up his immune system. We are so glad he is okay and is able to move forward and tackle life!!!! (I probably don't have all of the technical cancer stuff as accurate as it could be, but it's all I know. Call David for more details.)