Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our Family!

All 39 members of the Robles Family! What an amazing picture!

Mom and Dad & the 10 kiddos, all grown up :)

Mom and Dad & the 5 girls!

Mom and Dad & the 5 boys!

All of the hot sisters and sister-in-laws!

The Craig and Toni McKinley family!

The Jensen-Ward family!

The Michael & Amy Robles family!
The Joe and Kami Robles Family!

Please add your family photo to the blog.
We would like to thank Brandon for being our superstar photographer. You did a great job!

Slumber Party!

The cousins' slumber party began Thanksgiving evening around 6PM. All of the kids were so excited to get the party started that they couldn't wait any longer for the fun to begin. The party included Mitchell, Brittney, Grant, Jessica, Bradley, Cayden, Colby, William, Joseph, Camber, Andrew and Josh.

The first activity was playing Guesstures.

Everybody had a turn at acting out the funny things on the cards. The "Dolphin Team" beat the "Warrior Team" by many points. Brittney was the best guesser in this game!

The next game was called "Don't Eat Pete." This game includes eating candy and some of the kids couldn't wait to have their turn to eat as much candy as possible until we all yelled, "Don't eat Pete!"
This was Andrew's favorite activity. He loved eating the candy corns!

Our next game was a game that involved eating a Hershey's chocolate bar. All of the kids sat in a circle and rolled two dice. If they rolled doubles, they were able to go to the center of the circle, put on some oven mitts and a hat, and then use a plastic fork and knife try to eat as much chocolate as possible. Due to the extreme excitement of this game, we had to play it more than once!Jessica rolled doubles more than anyone else in the circle. Needless to say, she was able to eat the most chocolate!

The next activity was to play Twister. Sometimes there were too many kiddos on the mat, but they didn't mind, the game just continued.
In this picture you can see that Justin was crashing the party! He was doing a good job with left foot and right foot on red!

Next we took some time to tell scary ghost stories. Its always fun to hear stories told by 4 year olds and 7 year olds. They all end up being about the same story with slight twists. All of the kids were very brave during story time and weren't afraid at all.

Lastly, our evening ended with a sleepover upstairs at Grandma's house. Everyone crowded around the TV to watch "Kung Fu Panda." Half of the party goers were asleep before the movie ended. The rest were able to stay awake long enough to watch "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas." And those who were still awake after the 2nd movie, put deodorant in Mitchell's face and quietly snuck around the house; typical slumber party behavior.
The only place Andrew would sleep was with his big cousin Mitchell!
So many party goers, so little space!

The following morning, the party continued with cinnamon rolls for breakfast and a continuation of digging a hole across the street. Anyone who digs as many holes as these kids must truly be a ROBLES!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Family Photos

On Thanksgiving Day we will be taking family photos. We will be using Amy's camera and Brandon has agreed to be our photographer. THANKS!!! Once the photos are taken, we will put them on Haley's laptop and do any necessary editing with Photoshop. You will need to bring a thumb drive or jump drive and then you can take all the pictures you want with you that day. You can order your prints that are 8x10 or smaller from Walmart or Walgreens online and then go and pick them up or even have them shipped to your home. Photos larger than 8x10 would be done best by Ritz Photography which has been running specials lately.

Here are a list of the photos we are planning on taking:
Mom, Dad, 10 kids, spouses and grandkids.
Mom, Dad & 10 kids
Mom, Dad & 19 grandkids
10 kids
The 5 boys
The 5 girls
19 grandkids
Individual family pictures

So far Brandon is planning on going to Kingman Wednesday night with his boys. If Amy's camera is there, your individual family picture can be done whenever you and Brandon coordinate it. Or, I'm sure, you can use your own camera.

As a reminder, the color scheme is as follows: blue jeans and black, red or white/cream shirts.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Who are these kids?

They are hoping you will recognize them in 17 days!!!
We are starting the coutdown!!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Update on Dad

Dad made it through the triple bypass surgery very well on Friday. The doctors and nurses were amazed at how well he was doing so quickly. On Saturday he went on several walks around the Cardiac ICU. Here he is with his nurse Kurt on one of his walks.
Try not to make fun of his short dress and well shaved legs.

While I was visiting, Dad talked about prayers and trials. I hope he doesn't mind if I share this with you. The mining industry had been in decline through the 1980's and in order to keep his job, he had to accept pay cuts from time to time. He said back in 1990 he was praying that he would be able to make a few more hundred dollars a month to support his large family. Shortly thereafter, he was laid off from his job that he had had over 10 years. You may be asking how is that an answer to prayer. Well, 6 months later he landed a job that paid 3 times what he was making previously.

Just recently Dad was working with Michael on the new rock business. He could only work for a few hours and would just be exhausted. He really wanted to put more time and energy in the business but wasn't physically able. So he prayed that he would be able to have more energy to help get this business up and running. The answer to his prayer came with a major heart problem that landed him into the hospital. However, by having the triple bypass surgery his body will be getting the blood and oxygen it needs so he can have more energy.

The answer to our prayers don't always come the way we would like. Its always important to remember that through our trials we will be blessed and we will have the strength to make it through them.