Saturday, July 18, 2009

Satuday's Work Project-Patio

Everybody earned their thirstbuster, that's for sure!!!!!
The finished project!!!!!
The new wood deck and the Gorgeous landscaping!!
Here Steve was working hard, we couldn't have done it without him.

David with his own personal shade, we need a hat like this for all these hard working men!!!
Wow, look at all these weeds, the first step was to clear out all the weeds then lay down plastic and wala.... new landscaping! Doesn't it look Awesome!!!!!

Cayden was able to join the crew, unfortunately Colby was stuck at home with the flu.... poor guy!!!

Michael and Daniel hard at work!!!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Grandma Sweeney's birthday is on July 19th. However, today we had a surprise party for her.

Doesn't she looked surprised with her lovely tiara, magic wand and sprinkled cupcake?

Grandma was on her way to visit a friend that lives near Sierra Vista. She wanted to stop in Casa Grande and have lunch with Lori. She also invited Amy and I to join her there for lunch. Our sensational meal was at the Wendy's at the Outlet Mall in Casa Grande, very glamorous!

Although Grandma is turning 77 this year, she is still in high fashion.
Today she was sporting her zebra bag. Amy just knew that Sarah would want to see this super cute purse and be jealous about it ;)
The party table at Wendy's! We even sang Happy Birthday to Grandma. The other diners in the restaurant clapped.

Time for presents! Grandma received three cute shirts from Mom.

She also received this rustic birdhouse to adorn her backyard from me (Haley). Maddi helped pick it out at HobbyLobby.
The best part of the party was chowing down on the sprinkled cupcakes. Robby loved to stick his fingers in the cupcake frosting but became frustrated that when he shook his hand, it wouldn't come off. Eventually, Amy stuck his hand in his mouth so he could taste the sweet frosting. After that, he had no problem shoving the cupcake in his face. Robby will be ready for his birthday cake this weekend!
We hope Grandma has a super special birthday month! We Love YOU!!!!