Friday, November 26, 2010

Alapaca Adventure

Today's day after Thanksgiving adventure was to an Alpaca Farm.
The farm had a variety of alpacas. These animals are raised for their very soft and very warm fleece (similar to wool).

Can't you tell from this picture that their fur/hair/fleece is super clean, and soft? Grant loves all animals and started a trend of kissing the alpaca.
William followed Grant's lead.
Jessica, an animal lover too, also kissed the alpacas. (I wonder if their mouths are cleaner than humans like a dog's mouth is supposedly cleaner???)
Brittney was the last one to kiss the alpaca.

Mitchell liked petting the pig. I don't know why he was fascinated with this creature.
The farm was also home to three very large marina dogs. I've never heard of this breed before but the dogs were HUGE. Thankfully, they were very friendly.
Camber takes a turn feeding a hungry alpaca.
Justin and Joshua find plenty of hay to give to the animals.
The baby alpacas in this picture are two months old and very curious of their visitors.
After checking out the interesting alpacas, we went inside the small gift shop. Inside the shop we were able to feel how soft and warm the alpaca fleece is.
Brent ended up purchasing me this lovely alpaca hat. It has super soft baby alpaca fleece inside and extra warm adult alpaca fleece on the outside.