Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jordan and Julie's Food Fight

Jacob took this great video of Jordan and Julie feeding each other cake. It was so great I thought everyone should see it! Enjoy....

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Julie & Jordan are Married!!!

Mr. & Mrs. Jordan Baldwin! Julie and Jordan were married in the Mesa, Arizona Temple on Friday, June 18th, 2010.

Julie was a stunning bride! She was having fun working the camera!
Natural beauty!
Julie's dress was absolutely perfect. She looked like a princess!
Here are all of the Robles clan that could make it to the temple for this historic event. It's pretty incredible to think the last of the Robles 10 kids are now married!

This is the Baldwin Family. Jordan is the 2nd child to be married in their family. They have many more weddings in their future. Have fun!

Sarah (due in 4 weeks!), Amy(Body for Life Champion), Julie(stunning bride), and Haley(thinks she should chop off the yellow ends of her hair).

The proud parents!
Jakey-poo, Michael (everyone's too afraid to give him a nick-name), Julie-bug(or Poopster depending on who you talk to), Dandy, and Joey.
The amazing hairstylist Auntie Brenda spent the night at Amy & Bob's house so she would be available during the wee hours of the morning to do Julie's hair. She did a spectacular job!
After we took pictures at the temple, we all decided to crash Michael & Amy's romantic lunch date at the Olive Garden. It was difficult to convince Daniel to come with us. He kept trying to change our lunch location to the Bass Pro Shop Cafeteria (YUCK!) I'm sure Mom and Dad were glad they weren't paying for all of these meals :) The food was fabulous and the company was hilarious as usual!

Jordan & Julie's reception was incredible. The church gym was decorated beautifully. The backdrop behind Jordan's parents, Jordan, Julie and Dad & Mom, was built by Jordan's uncle for his daughter's wedding. It's HUGE! It comes apart in pieces so it can be transported. Two of these wonderful arch set-ups were on opposite sides of the gym.

Julie and Jordan danced their first dance as a married couple to Tim McGraw's "Its Your Love." These guys are so mushy-in-love!

Julie and Dad and the special Father -Daughter dance to the song "Keeper of the Stars" by Tracy Bird. Dad didn't even try to embarrass her with his quirky dance moves. They looked pretty smooth!
This is a picture of Julie and her 7 Thatcher roommates! It is so cool that all these hot single ladies came to support their roomy on her marriage day. The second gal from the left is Amy, Jordan's sister. She is a super amazing volleyball player!
This is the decked out cake table. The table is not only adorned with scrumptious cakes but diamonds have also been carelessly tossed onto the table to add sparkle.
Julie and Jordan took their time to cut the cake. They were careful to get their special piece into a perfect equilateral triangle so it would look great for the pictures.
Then they went CRAZY with the cake. It was an all out WAR of cake between the two of them. If someone hadn't of interrupted them, they may have wrestled to the ground to give each other more cake. I believe the crowd picked Julie as the winner of this match!
The bride and groom quickly escaped through a sea of bubbles promptly at 8:30 so they could start their married life together. Poor Mom couldn't hold back the tears :(
Have fun in Mexico!!! We will see you two love birds soon!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Endowment and Dinner

On Thursday, June 17th, Julie was able to go through the temple for the first time. It was a long and amazing afternoon. Here are Julie and Jordan after the session. They are eagerly waiting for the BIG Marriage day!

Jordan's family put together an amazing dinner for both families. Sitting at the main table was Dad and Mom, Julie and Jordan, and Jill and Nolan (Jordan's parents). The food was incredible! We had pork roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, some sort of zucchini dish, the best rolls ever and brownies ala mode. Yep it was very tasty!
While dinner was wrapping up, volunteers were able to take the microphone and say a few things about Julie and Jordan. Amy told how Julie used to be an escape artist when she was little and they had to bolt all of the doors so they wouldn't find her down the street or sleeping in the neighbor's yard. There were lots of fun stories that were shared.
Ahhh, the cute couple with Bearett! Jordan's sister, Amy, put together a slide show of Julie and Jordan's pictures growing up and while they dated. It was a cool video! Every time Julie would appear on the screen, Bearett would say "Julie." He is such a sweet kid and loves his Aunt Julie!

Monday, June 7, 2010

MEGA Showers!!!

Saturday, June 5th was the date of the back-to-back showers. These were the must-go-to-parties of the year!Our first party was a bridal shower for JULIE! It's hard to believe that the baby of the family will be married in 2 weeks! Isn't she gorgeous!
Here are 4 of the 5 Super Sisters! Haley, Amy, Julie and Sarah! Julie received more gifts than we could document. This girl is so hooked up before she even has her wedding! Aunt Brenda went overboard with all kinds of things that Julie could use in her home. Amy is jealous that Julie has silverware now instead of waiting through 5 years of marriage to have some :)
It was fun to watch Julie blush as she displayed the sexy lingerie.
Wow! Check out that vivid blue nightie! Oooo-la-la!
How about a purplie tie-died one????
Julie's bud Kamber gave her this great memo frame so Julie and Jordan can write love notes to each other.
Julie also received a few things to start decorating her house with the right touch.
Julie received tons of stuff for her kitchen. She even received a recipe book with all of the Baldwin's favorite family recipes. I hope she learns to cook soon ;) jk

It was a super fun bridal shower! We are all so excited for Julie's upcoming marriage to Jordan!

When Julie's party finally ended, Amy creatively got Sarah out of the house to go and buy slushies. As soon as their car drove off, we frantically tore down the bridal shower decorations and put up the baby shower decorations. We also had to get out all of the food for the baby shower! The cake logo was Christy's idea. Super cute!

We had all of the decorations and food switched out just in time for Sarah to come and and we all yelled SURPRISE! Shauna, Aunt Brenda, Hayley and Bayley were in attendance for the shower!

Mom, Julie, Lorraine and Lisa are anxious to start the baby shower games!

Great- Grandma, Kami, Christy, Natalie and Madison are focused on the Matching Game, hoping that they will win a prize!

The Matching Game was a hit with the crowd. Almost everyone was a winner :)
Sarah received so many cute girlie out fits! Love the flower on this one!

Amy made the cutest tu-tu with matching hair accessory.

The lovely yellow blanket was made by Haley. It's very soft and snuggly!

Love the poofy pink dress from Kami! Every little girl needs a cute pink dress!
Great-Grandma made this wonderful bear quilt. Sarah says their family mascot is the Bear so this is a perfect fit!
What a cute swimsuit for the new baby! I'm sure Stephen will be keeping all the little boys away from her!
Sarah received so many cute little girl stuff! It was so much fun to surprise her with the shower! I think we were all stuffed with cake and goodies from both super parties!