Sunday, September 5, 2010

Presley's Picnic Party

Today was an extra special day. Today was the day that Presley received her blessing in church. It was a beautiful blessing and very special. After church was over, the Robles clan went to a fantastic park in Flagstaff for some lunch and activities. This is our hungry crowd. Everyone was loving the sub sandwiches and desserts!

Jordan was a real help in making sandwiches. I lost count of how many sub buns he loaded up with mayo, mustard and meat. We are so glad Julie married him!
Taylor is never far from her Daddy or Mommy. She looks a little worried that I'm going to try and pick her up.
Madi has the dreamiest blue eyes. Try not to get distracted by the cookie crumbs covering her lips. Her eyes just lure you in.
I asked Camber if she wanted me to delete this picture and re-take it. She laughed and said she liked the picture :)

Heidi, of course, posed for the camera holding tightly to her sub sandwich. With her hungry dad close by, I'm sure she is guarding her food!
The newly weds....ahhhhh.....they are so cute together!
Great-Grandma loved Madi's company as they tried all of the fancy desserts.
Aunt Brenda loves to have her hair blowing in the wind. We are so glad that her and Chad didn't get lost forever on their way to the church building.
Like mother, like son. They both refused to remove their glasses or look at the camera.
Grant was surprised to find out that I had a shirt made to show my love for him. Its hard to find ways to let your teenager know you care. I've decided to advertise it :)
Okay, remember the like mother, like son is another son with the same attribute. It's great to see though that Cayden likes to show his mauchoness to the camera!
Finally, a picture with the handsome Chad in it.
Play time in the park! Andrew was all over this jungle gym. He especially liked driving it.
Madi and Colby have a swinging race. Colby won because Madi is still learning how to swing herself.
Camber brought her blue princess "my little (overgrown) pony" with her to the park. Here she is seen giving her pony a ride in the toddler swing. She is such a good pony care-taker.
Robby did great climbing up and down the jungle gym. Once I even caught him voluntarily sliding down the slide on his stomach. Way to be adventurous Robby!
The one-year-old girls, Cyrene and Taylor. So very cute! Neither of these girls' preferred way of sitting is on their bottom :)
The men took advantage of the green field and challenged another group of men to a football game. These guys were intense as they played. It was fun to watch the interceptions and great passes down the field.
What you see in the shadow of this picture is a pole with a spinning wheel on it. Grant held onto the wheel while hanging upside down and let it spin him incessantly. By the time I made it over to him to take a picture of the strange contraption and how he looked, he let go and splattered on the ground. He laid on the ground for a good minute before he got up to do something else. WEIRD!!!

Heidi and Andrew having fun on the swings. Andrew wanted to go higher and faster the entire time. Its a good thing he held on tight or he would have flown off the swing and into the parking lot!
Okay, here is the shocker, Payten hung out with her Uncle Brent. She wouldn't even acknowledge his existence at church and hid from his glance, but as soon as she saw him teaching the little ladies how to catch a ball, she was in.
Sometimes the ball magically landed in Payten's glove. This time it didn't. She did have a pretty good throw back to Brent.
Madi kept her eye on the ball, I think. It should be in the glove, right? Darn it missed again. It was fun to watch the girls play catch. They were positive the entire time and didn't get discouraged by continually missing the ball. If they keep practicing everyday, they will be ready for a family softball game for sure next year!


Amy Shupe said...

What a fun event! Much thanks to Brent for playing catch with Madi. When we play catch with her, she gets so frustrated. I think she feels so much pressure from us. It is great to have family that can help us out and teach her and have fun with her. We all need each other.