Saturday, June 25, 2011

Campout 2011

The Robles Annual Family Campout was held at Airplane Flat on the Mogollon Rim near Canyon Creek. Jacob & Natalie were the first ones to the camp and reserved a nice large campsite for our family. As each family arrived, the kids quickly took off to play on the "swings" just outside the campsite. Grant is being wildly swung in circles by Mitchell. All of the kids ventured to this area throughout the camping trip.

Once kids were bored with the swing, they would head a quarter of a mile down the road to Canyon Creek. During their first afternoon here, Cayden & Colby both caught a fish, gut it, cooked it and ate it! Pretty amazing. No one had to help them at all. They are excellent fishermen!
Mom, Max & I at the creek checking out the fish and the kids.

Mitchell was a popular cousin; he always had one or more cousins following him around and wanting to do what he was doing. Mitchell is always fun to hang out with. Joshua doesn't know I snapped this picture of him. He tried to hide from all of my pictures :)

Since the swing and the creek were off limits after dark, the boys piled into the hammock and had their fun there.

On our second day at camp, Camber caught her fish at the creek. She says she just reached into the creek and grabbed it.

She had Colby gut it for her. Later on Mitchell cooked it and Camber ate it up! Yuck!

If your stomach can handle it, watch the video of Colby gutting the fish.

The afternoon at camp was spent sitting in the shade and shooting the breeze.

To our surprise, Sarah and her kids showed up! We were so happy that Andrew was well enough to spend the day at the campsite.

We played the game "Guess Who." Bearett had to guess that he was a worker.

Justin had to guess that he was a clown.

Joshua had to guess that he was a baby. Gramps had a hard time guessing he was a peacock!

Once Amy & Bob arrived, we headed up the road to the fish hatchery. Mitchell's accomplice at the hatchery was Bearett!

There were thousands of fish in each runway. Many of them were jumping out of the water and splashing us.

Sarah ended up having a handful of quarters. She was the favorite aunt as she helped the kiddos buy fish food. The fish would go crazy as the food was dropped in the tank.

Back at camp, Andrew let Uncle Bob tie him to the tree. Joshua is telling him to not untie himself.

All of the kids, including Jordan, decided to build a fort in camp. Mitchell and Jordan carried all of the big logs to the fort location. The rest of the kids brought a variety of other sticks to reinforce the walls. They even had pine needles on the roof.

All of the fort builders!

Julie & Jordan are still Joseph's favorite aunt & uncle. He loves to wallow on their laps.

Late in the day, David, Jacque & Macy arrived at camp. With their arrival, the party was complete! Here is Natalie with cute baby Logan. He is such a good camper and enjoys being outdoors.

Amy and Annie walked around camp Saturday morning. We ended up having 6 dogs at our campsite: Max, Annie, Duke, Bear, Maverick & Pepper. A Saturday morning wouldn't be complete without throwing the football around.

Joe is the expert camper. He's been camping almost a half a dozen times in the last month! This morning his family was treated to a pancake breakfast. I wish I had some! It is official, Ember loves to camp. She wanted to be down on the ground running all over camp. She wouldn't stop to pose for a picture.

Jana and her favorite son, Duke, had no problem posing for the camera. So cute!!!

Payten climbed on the big stump so she would be safe during the football game.

We're not sure if Madi was giving Grant a back rub or if she just loves her cousin! She is so sweet!The girl campers: Heidi, Camber, Madi & Payten. Cayden & Brent tried to wiggle the log to make the other person fall off. Sorry Cayden, Brent has pretty good balance!

What a fun campout! We can hardly wait for the next one. Any volunteers for organizing it?


roblesmikeassociates said...

WOW!!! Great pictures!!! I had a great time. I hope everybody else did too. Love you all!!!